The fastest way around the islands
The airport flight path is right in front of the town
Rosslyn pretending to be a drug smuggler, actually we hired a boat to go around all the best beaches we could not reach on the motorbike.
The town from the old fishing port
The donkeys were not too happy to move out to make way for was fine really we were only in there to shower and sleep.
A nice little taverna on the far side of town which was always quiet and did a great gyros pitta.
Skiathos in all it glory taken from the church on the Bourtzi which is a little outlet attached to the town.
The Bourtzi
Boats in the new port where all the tourist boats leave from.
One of the beaches which was always quiet, mainly because you had to walk more than a few yards to get to.
This beach was really hard to get to by road as well as difficult to get down to once you found it.
Kastro beach at the far north of the island again quiet at any time. This is taken on the way up to the Monastry.
Or until a boat arrives ! Kastro Monastery can be seen on the cliffs behind.
This is the monastery, not surprised its small I could not be arsed to carry anything heavy up there either.